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Learn more about our mission and vision to achieve a lasting impact through our charitable initiatives.

Our Mission

The William Fox Jr. Foundation is dedicated to making a long-lasting impact in the communities it serves by supporting programs and institutions that enrich and educate for life. The foundation focuses on funding initiatives in several key areas:

  • Educating through new digital technologies: This includes supporting the development of new educational technologies, training educators in their use, and funding programs in the visual arts that utilize digital media for learning.
  • Supporting better health: This includes supporting health-related research and programs in neurology, cancer, cardiology, and pulmonology.
  • Enriching communities through visual and performing arts: This includes supporting the acquisition of new works and programs while creating new educational opportunities for students and professionals.
  • Building futures: This includes supporting programs that create opportunities and a better future for the next generation, focusing on artists, educators, and physician-scientists.
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Prove every project

Our Organization delivers transparent and accountable results for every project we undertake.

Open book

We firmly believe in transparency and strive to maintain an open-book approach with all stakeholders.

Local partnerships

Building strong relationships with the community is vital, and we work closely with local partners.


Make a Difference Today

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Pic of William at 4, Mother, Aunt Cousin GrandMother and Gandfather
Picture of William Fox Jr at 7 on family Boat
Picture of William Fox - Founder of Fox Film

Our Vision

We established the William Fox, Jr. Foundation in 1991

William Fox
William Fox founded Fox Film Corporation In 1915, which later became Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. He revolutionized the industry by combining production, distribution, and exhibition into a single entity. William Fox was an innovator who pioneered widescreen movie projection and acquired the North American patents for sound-on-film technology known as Movietone. His vision was to use film with sound as an educational tool.

William Fox Jr.
William Fox, Jr., Fox Film Corporation founder’s grandson, is the individual whose name this Foundation commemorates. His grandfather taught him and from whom he inherited a pioneering spirit. Fox Jr. emphatically believed that visual images, media, and the performing arts were essential tools in education and other fields. He was particularly interested in using new technologies to improve access to education, healthcare, and the arts. He believed that this would be instrumental in reducing poverty and promoting progress. Sadly, William Fox, Jr. passed away in 1986 due to lung cancer.

Our Vision & Values
The Fox Family established this Foundation to honor William Fox Jr.’s legacy. It strives to implement William Fox Jr.’s visions and beliefs. The Foundation believes that integrating new technologies in education, healthcare, and all endeavors must be encouraged, as visual images and media can be practical tools for learning. By implementing these visions, the Foundation aims to create an improved future for all.

Join us on the Journey

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